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Monday, March 19, 2018

Scenes from a Sunday

The birds are arriving. I drove out to Farm Island on Sunday and saw a flock of meadowlarks, warblers by bird feeder and heard a red wing black bird, also by the bird feeder. I hiked all the way out the old Izaak Walton league cabin, 3 miles one way if you believe the trail map though I'm not sure I do.

The birds were still not in full voice way out on the island. And there are still a lot of Canada geese left flying about town, probably because it is still cold and snowy further North. I should not be so impatient for spring. We need the moisture and an early spring can mean a dry summer.

While hiking I saw a burl. I see a textured beauty in these burls. Burls are caused by a tree's response to some sort of injury or disease. Something to keep in mind about life.

On the way back in to town I stopped at the greenhouse just to enjoy the sight and feel of growing things. Art, the owner, told me that it's only with their second and third shipments that they have enough plants to increase the humidity in the greenhouse and humid it was. It was also warm in a pleasant kind of way.