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Friday, March 9, 2018

International Women's Day

International Women's Day is March 8th.


I love the resources I saw on social media this year that amplify the history and contribution of women to science, art, and literature. I almost felt a little overwhelmed. How could I get to know all these amazing stories of the women featured in the video above, or the 15 Trailblazing Women or the first woman to set up a school in India

Until these stories are part of the mainstream narrative-and you know they are part of the narrative when they show up in the K-12 curriculum-it is incumbent on us to seek them out and listen to them, learn from them. 

We can't learn ALL the stories, unfortunately, as once we look outside the mainstream the options are numerous. But we can and should learn some. This is part of being an explorer.

The first attribute of an explorer, the one that comes before all the others, is to be curious. If nothing else, our mindset should be "What's it like to be that person, to live that way, to experience what she did? What did she accomplish? How? Why?"

Nurture your curiosity, not just about the world but about the people in it. The Human Story is a powerful one. Let it move, challenge, focus, and inspire you.