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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Food explorer

One of the ways I explore is through food. I am, as I have said earlier, a tentative food explorer. But when I compare myself to David Fairchild, who in the  early 1900's was a legit food explorer, I feel  positively meek.

To be fair, David Fairchild literally traveled around the world on behalf of the USDA looking for new foods for America. My food exploration consists of buying and trying unfamiliar ingredients like coconut milk and nutritional yeast seasoning. Tame stuff, to be sure.  We modern day folk would be adrift without Fairchild's work since he helped us become aware of kale, avocado, mangoes plus much more. I mean, those are the key ingredients of a smoothie, if not a full salad.

I learned about David Fairchild from this article from National Geographic. Not only does it introduce us to a fascinating character but it gives some pretty good advice on how to be an explorer. I have reprised it here. The words in parentheses are from the National Geographic Learning Framework which describes the attitudes and mindset of an explorer. and are my addition.
  • Ask lots of questions (curiosity!)
  • Reciprocate kindness (responsibility)
  • Write things down (communication)
  • Write letter (communication)
  • Push on (empowerment)
I also like these graphics provided by publisher of the book with some snappy food facts.