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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Robin Watch

The last few years I have launched Robin Watch, a social media outreach through the SD Discovery Center, on Valentine's Day to encourage people to be more aware of or perhaps hopeful about the arrival of spring.

I chose Valentine's Day because

  1. Robins have red breasts and red is the color of hearts and Valentine's Day.
  2. Birds often start courtship behaviors this time of year. Even Chaucer noted that.
  3. I wanted to give teachers a more content rich way to observe the holiday other than a party and requiring kids to give each other Valentine's Day cards.
  4. As a kid, I hated Valentine's Day and all the mushy cards and the ensuing cries of disgust boys made at getting a card from me.
This year, I expanded the outreach a bit by making it an official event both on Facebook and our website.

My outcome assessment will be if we see an increase of activity on the Journey North website.

Below is the kick off post.