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Monday, February 26, 2018

ISO Robins

Sunday was sunny and the warmest day we've had in a while-actually above freezing-so I decided to set out to see if I could find any robins.

I walked Hilger's Gulch and the play trail, a short circuit around La Framboise and to the river and back on Farm Island.

I don't know where the robins are but they weren't in any of those places. I might pop out again Wednesday the next day we are supposed to have a sunny, warmer day.

Despite the lack of robins, I did enjoy many birds.
  • 7 grouse along the playtrail
  • Canada geese and assorted ducks, gulls 
  • A single chickadee on La Framboise
  • A bald eagle on Farm Island
  • Waves of purple and house finches (Farm Island)
  • Flocks of starlings (Farm Island)
  • A cardinal calling his pew, pew, pew, pew. (Farm Island)
  • A downy woodpecker (Farm Island)
  • More chickadees (Farm Island)
I tried to capture the sound of the birds on Farm Island, particularly the cardinal in this video. I think I might need more specialized recording equipment than my phone. You might have to crank it to hear.  I wonder if I should use the Sound Cloud app?

Side note: It has been a while since I spent so much time outside in the sunshine and fresh air. I figured it was more than 3 hours. I did a short yoga class to stretch out the kinks when I got home. I slept very well.