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Monday, April 2, 2018

Access Points, Formerly Known as Manholes

I haven't been everywhere the past ten days but I feel I come kinda close. Since March 23 I've been to Sioux Falls twice, Washington DC, West Lafayette, Indiana, and Omaha.

Ok maybe I don't come close.

Most of my trips I was inside various meetings rooms. In Omaha, I did get outside to walk my son's dog.

He lives in an older part of town which is actually inside the Bellevue city limits. The days mostly were cold, gray and raw. It was a challenge to keep my explorer's googles on, to feel the call to explore.

And yet, I would have missed these manhole covers, had I not.

I don't know enough about these covers to know how unique-if at all- they actually are.But I think they are beautiful in their own way and I find it touching the someone took the time and effort to design these.

There is beauty everywhere, if you are willing to go outside and look for it.