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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Ant struggles, the updated score

In my post below I talked about the struggle of an ant to remove a small sprout of vegetation near the opening to its nest. I promised I would return the next day to give an update.

Well, the next day was rainy and cold and I got busy. You know how it goes.

I did go back the day after the next day. The first time I went back it was about 10am. A sprout was there... but it looked like it was in a slightly different place. I could not tell if it was the same sprout or a new one. After all, we've had a lot of moisture lately and all that warming. A new sprout was possible.

As an aside, this is why EXACT siting is so important in research. The human memory is not that good at precision recall.

I decided to call it uncertain, determined to be more precise in the future. I returned a few hours later, around 1pm, and noted a completely sprout free surface around the ant nest.

Regardless of whether or not the sprouts were the same or different, they were gone.

Ants - 1 (or maybe 2). Sprouts - 0.