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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Planet or Plastic

These are the latest additions to the bag that functions as my purse but which is actually an 18L daypack.  They are a to-go ware set of bamboo utensils with a steel straw that I tucked in there and a collapsible Sea to Summit container with leak proof lid. These live in their own zippered compartment along with an occasional stainless steel mug. I am stepping up my efforts to remove single use plastic from my life.

National Geographic has launched a Planet or Plastic initiative aimed at protecting the ocean by reducing the amount of plastic that gets washed into the sea. Since most of the plastic comes from developing countries with insufficient trash and recycling infrastructure I know that my part to reduce single use plastic will have practically a negligible impact on the amount of plastic in the ocean.

And yet. In modeling carrying reusable utensils and collapsible food container as well as beverage container and shopping bags, I am making a difference in my riverside community.

It's not only the oceans that have too much plastic in them. There's too much of it everywhere including right here. Below is a picture of the plastic I picked up during a 5 minute walk in the park along the river yesterday.

5 minutes! I didn't have to stretch or scramble for them, either. It was right there on the ground a few steps off the path. This is an example of where thinking globally but acting locally will make a difference locally.